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RC Airplane Videos

Great videos on a variety of micro model airplanes . . . plus some more!

Following are a variety of RC airplane videos, from a free flight contest in the 1930s to the latest micro radio control model airplanes such as the E-flite 4-Site.

Havoc Cyclone



The Cyclone is a most unusual model. But don't let it's unconventional wing and control system layout fool you. This model flies just great.

This video was shot in a parking garage. The Cyclone can fly in that small an area without any difficulty. See more info, to include a full flight report here.






Electro Aviator at the flying field



The Electro Aviator is the first aircraft plan I drew up for electric flight. As you can see in the accompanying video the Electro Aviator flies just great.

While not a true small flying model I thought you might like to see this example of a plans built airplane.






Fascinating video of 1936 "Air Derby" model airplane contest



It's sometimes hard to appreciate just how far we have all come to actually be able to fly radio controlled model airplanes in an inside setting.

Check out the video of these model aviation pioneers flying some of the very first gas powered free flight models. With the building materials and engine technology of the day, these accomplishments are amazing. This is true airmanship. Few could replicate these achievements today.





Cessna 210 flown outdoors on a calm afternoon



The Cessna 210 is a superb flying model, ready to fly right out of the box. Operating on three channels (throttle, elevator and rudder), the C-210 will amaze you with its smooth, responsive flight characteristics.

Note also that the agile model can be flown outdoors under calm wind conditions. One would not guess a model weighing as little as 18 grams could even begin a flight outdoors, but here it is.




Model of the 1909 Demoiselle



The Sig Manufacturing Company makes a great semi-scale model of the 1909 Santos Dumont Demoiselle. Check out the video to the left.

The Demoiselle has a unique all-moving tail surface, quite unlike any airplane flying today. The Demoiselle is a smooth, easy flyer that is just plain fun to fly. You cannot go wrong with this unique kit.









The Revell Piloto is one of the best flying of this class of two channel (throttle and rudder) ready to fly micro model aircraft I have had the chance to test.

The Piloto has just the right balance of power and smooth control authority to make this model a breeze to fly.




Author: Gordon McKay



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