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Revell’s UFO Flying Saucer – Unique Foam Model

The UFO flying saucer is ideal for living room aviation

Revell UFO radio control flying saucer

Revell's UFO RC flying saucer



- Foam electric RC model is ready to fly right out of the box

- Three channel fully proportional radio control

- Smooth flight handling - ideal for flying in a confined area

- Flying skill level is medium to advanced

- Available from Tower Hobbies

Fly the UFO at home!

Revell’s UFO flying saucer is a gentle and relaxing radio control aircraft that employs a different set of design parameters than most models in your fleet. The UFO comes ready to fly right out of the box. All you need to do is install six AA batteries (not included) and charge with the transmitter’s built in charger.


The sturdy three channel transmitter has the throttle control on the left with the right stick controlling turns (rotations of the UFO around its vertical axis) and fore and aft movement. The transmitter contains a built in charging jack for the flight battery as well as a trim wheel to control rotation of the flying saucer after the initial hover. The instruction manual contains all the information needed to charge the flight battery and get prepared for your initial flights.

The UFO is a ideally suited for flight in confined spaces

UFO flying saucer and transmitter

UFO and transmitter - note yellow tab on saucer nose

Twin rotors for stable flight

The flying saucer uses twin counter-rotating blades for hover and turn capability. Fore and aft movement of the UFO comes from separate electric motors and props inside the aircraft shell at the rear of the plane's central control box.

All UFO flight controls work automatically to provide full flight authority of the flying saucer per your transmitter inputs. Colorful LED lights surround the outer perimeter of the flying saucer making for fun flights when the lights are down.

UFO in hover

UFO in a hover

For any rotary wing aircraft it is crucial that the pilot maintains orientation of the aircraft (i.e. know where the front of the aircraft is located).

With a normal RC model helicopter, this is not an issue. The UFO does not have any sort of visible front section, but rather a decal to mark the “nose” of the flying saucer. Once the UFO gets airborne it is very hard to see and keep track of this decal. I put a small strip of yellow paper on the front of my RC flying saucer and this works well with in-flight nose orientation.

UFO is easy to fly

Revell’s UFO is very easy to fly. The twin rotors provide plenty of thrust for a prompt and stable hover. Should the saucer start spinning after liftoff this is easy fixed with the transmitter’s trim wheel. The UFO benefits from a stable model aerodynamic design. Control inputs provide gentle and predictable flight responses.


Underside view of the RC UFO

Underside view of the UFO

Nothing happens fast when flying this aircraft, which makes it ideal for flying in confined spaces such as your living room. Use the throttle to maintain your altitude.

As you apply left or right inputs via the right control stick on the transmitter the UFO will “turn” by simply rotating. Once the model is headed in the right direction (thus the importance of a little strip of paper to mark the flying saucer’s front section), up and down movement of the right stick will cause flight movement forward or back.

There really is not much more to add on flying this model. When in doubt as you fly the model, just neutralize the right stick and watch the UFO maintain its place in a stationary hover.

UFO foam body protects moving parts

The spinning rotor blades are protected by the foam aircraft body. In the event your UFO bumps into a wall or other object, there is no worry that any damage will occur to the rotor or power drive assembly.

Revell’s UFO radio control flying saucer is great fun to fly. Due to the fact there is no nose section “to see” when flying the model, flight orientation may cause challenges for some of the younger pilots.

The UFO is a very stable radio control model aircraft with predictable flight characteristics. This is one ready to fly model that will certainly turn heads when you show up at your local flying venue.

Author: Gordon McKay

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