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Spektrum Radio Control Systems

Spektrum radio offers top quality 2.4 GHz technology at an affordable price


Spektrum radio and Chickadee RC plane

DX6i transmitter and Chickadee


Spektrum radio system changes everything

An obvious requirement for radio control model airplane flight is a radio control system. Only until quite recently has quality, lightweight radio control gear been available for the micro plane flyer.

This radio control equipment was conventional in the sense it was on the normal 72 MHz frequency band with the need for strict transmitter control at all flying sites to avoid pilots operating on the same frequency (referred to as channels) and jamming each other.

The last thing any RC pilot wanted to hear was the scream “I’m hit” as he lost control of his airplane when someone accidentally jammed him by turning on their transmitter with the same channel.

Spektrum 2.4 GHz and DSM

All this has changed with the introduction of the Spektrum radio control system. The Spektrum radio line has all the normal features of a regular radio control system, to include transmitters, receivers and servos.

What sets Spektrum radio systems apart from all RC sets built previously is the use of the 2.4 GHz frequency band, combined with Spektrum radio’s patented Direct Sequence Digital Spectrum Modulation (DSM) technology. The Spektrum radio use of the 2.4 GHz frequency band and DSM technology allows for much more precise, glitch-free airplane control, combined with no need for frequency deconfliction as required by all the older 72 MHz frequency radios.

That’s correct: For the first time in the history of radio control model flight, a Spektrum radio allows the RC pilot to simply turn on their transmitter and go fly with no need to worry about radio interference with a fellow aviator. And with DSM2 (DSM second generation technology), you can use Bind-N-Fly radio technology to use one transmitter for multiple model airplanes.

Spektrum radio in Demoiselle RC airplane

Spektrum radio receiver and servos in the Demoiselle


The Spektrum radio achieves this unique capability of not requiring frequency deconfliction by use of the Global Unique Identifier (GUID). A bunch of magic happens within the Spektrum radio transmitter. The Spektrum transmitter uses a unique 32-bit code that essentially makes it impossible for two Spektrum radio systems to interfere with each other.

In effect, a Spektrum radio transmitter is “bound” to a particular receiver. Once this electronic linkage occurs, the receiver will only respond to data sent from that particular transmitter.

It sounds complicated, but in practice the Spektrum radio 2.4 GHz scheme works flawlessly. We may see the day at many airplane contest venues, such as the E-Fest airplane show, that the older 72 MHz radios are simply not allowed. It is truly amazing how quickly the Spektrum radio 2.4 GHz control systems have been embraced by RC modelers everywhere.

DX7i Spektrum transmitter

DX7 transmitter




Spektrum radio hardware

Spektrum radio hardware is of very high quality. I use Spektrum radio control equipment for my Demoiselle, Chickadee and Blackburn models. There are a variety of transmitters available from Spektrum radio, for everything from model cars to airplanes. The Spektrum transmitters have the full range of advanced programming options, to include model memory, a unique roller selector, dual and expo rates, channel mixing, etc. You can see full details at the Spektrum radio website.


Spektrum receiver

AR6110e 6 channel receiver


Spektrum receivers are small but effective

Spektrum also makes a number of high quality receivers for all types of model aircraft. For the micro flyer radio receivers include the AR6110e six channel receiver for park flyers; the AR6300 Nanolite six channel receiver for the smallest slow flyers (weighing an incredible 2 grams) and the AR6400 six channel Ultra-Micro receiver.

The AR6400 system includes a Spektrum radio 6 channel receiver with two integrated servos. The AR6400 Spektrum radio system is used to control the E-flite 4-Site micro 3D ready to fly indoor airplane. You really have to see this one of a kind micro set-up to fully appreciate the technology.


Spektrum brick

AR6400 ESC/receiver "brick" with two servos




With the advent of Spektrum radio 2.4 GHz technology flying a radio control model airplane has never been easier. Spektrum radio technology provides a precise, light weight control system that will meet the needs of any RC pilot.

Spektrum technology eliminates any concern over the need for frequency control or interference between transmitters while providing glitch free flights.

The Spektrum radio systems are mature technology and available at an affordable price.


Author: Gordon McKay

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