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Build the Snapper - Free RC Model Airplane Plan!

Download a PDF plan of the Snapper 3 channel electric flyer


Snapper RC model airplane plan

Download a free PDF file of the Snapper here!

Snapper radio control model plane from plans

Side view of Pedro's great build of the Snapper

Free Snapper plan

Building an model plane from plans is a great way for the designer to add some different and unique model aircraft to a flying fleet. While the convenience of almost (ARF) and ready to fly (RTF) radio control model airplanes is a wonderful addition to the hobby, there is a certain "sameness" after a while with seeing numerous identical RC planes - to include the paint scheme - everywhere you fly.

Nose section of Snapper RC model airplane

Nose detail of Pedro's Snapper, built and flown in Colombia

A sure way to have an original and unique prototype RC model plane design is to build the model yourself from construction plans.

There are literally thousands of airplane plans available today. Plan sources include ads in the back of the model magazines, the extensive catalogues of the model magazines and of course the internet.

A simple Google search for ‘free model airplane plans’ or 'design model planes' will bring up a variety of sites offering some type of model airplane plan. However, you will find that the quality of these free model airplane plans can vary greatly.

TurboCAD training CD

Learn TurboCAD to draw plane plans

Thus, I would like to offer you a chance to obtain a complete and free CAD plan of the Snapper. The Snapper is an easy to build, three channel RC model airplane.

You can print the downloaded Snapper CAD plan and enlarge it at your local reproduction store. Please send me a picture or two of your completed free model airplane plan of the Snapper with any comments on the design and flight characteristics.

Building the Snapper should provide minimum challenges. I will post your Snapper pictures on the website so others may share in your work.

Top view of Snapper RC model airplane plan

Top view of Pedro's Snapper

Snapper plan

TheSnapper plan is an evolution of the Yard Ace, a three channel RC model airplane design of mine that was published in the September 2008 Quiet and Electric Flight International magazine. The Yard Ace flies great, and is suitable either outdoors as a park flyer or inside in a larger flight area.

The Snapper differs from the Yard Ace in that the Snapper employs a low wing, wider fuselage, longer nose and tail moments, and a four inch greater wingspan. The Snapper is very easy to build with virtually no curves, and uses common model building materials of balsa and plywood. The Snapper would make an ideal first plans built RC model plane.


Snapper plan is drawn on the TurboCAD training CD

I am using the Snapper as a design example for a TurboCAD training CD. On this CD, I have a series of screen capture narrated videos that will take you from a “clean sheet of paper” to the finished Snapper free model airplane plans design. During the 2 hour and 50 minute CD I demonstrate and explain all the basic procedures needed to use TurboCAD to draw an RC model airplane plan.

TurboCAD is a powerful and affordable consumer model airplane design program and is ideal for drawing model airplane plans. TurboCAD is the fourth CAD program I have used for drawing RC model airplane plans, and by far the best for the home user. The Snapper is my 6th RC model airplane design using TurboCAD. I could not be more pleased with the utility of this program.

Chickadee RC model airplane

Chickadee electric powered model airplane

Chickadee free plans

I have one other set of CAD free model airplane plans - the Chickadee. Check out the Chickadee flight video here. A free model airplane plan of the Chickadee is included when you purchase a set of the 1912 Blackburn Type D monoplane CAD plans for $7.00 (with FREE shipping) here.

So, enjoy your free Snapper model airplane plan. Make any changes desired and share your “bashes” of this model plane on the website!

Author: Gordon McKay

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