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Spruce Goose

Hughes "Spruce Goose" at E-Fest airplane show


About Tim
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How to Fly RC
Allan Miles Cate
Fokker Spin Design Discussion
Fokker Spin Plan Details

Tim's YouTube Videos

Anthony Fokker - Fighter Aircraft Designer
Fokker Spin - Final RC Model
Fokker Spin - Prototype RC Model
Convert a Guillow's Model to RC Flight
Guillow Lancer RC Conversion
DH.53 RC Model Airplane
Flying RC Aircraft Carrier
Pietenpol Air Camper
Make Spoked Airplane Wheels
Robin Profile RC Airplane Plan
Design Your Own RC Plane
Micro RC Helicopter Review
Air Hogs Pocket Copter
Revell UFO Flying Saucer
E-Fest RC Plane Show
Finch Free RC Plane Plans
LiddleRod RC Airplane Kit
Proto Max Micro RC Helicopter
ParkZone Ember Micro RC Plane
Learn TurboCAD to Draw a Fuselage
Learn TurboCAD to Draw Plans
Learn TurboCAD to Draw a Spar
TurboCAD Training for RC Plane Design
Air Hogs Aero Ace
World of Indoor RC Model Airplanes
1912 Blackburn Type D Monoplane
Revell Fire Strike Pro Helicopter
Havoc Razor RC Helicopter
Chickadee RC Airplane Plan
Learn to Fly and RC Model Plane
Revell Piloto RC Model Plane
Sig Demoiselle RC Plane Kit
Air Hogs Havoc Cyclone Flying Wing RC Plane
Quicksilver Ultralight Airplane
ParkZone Cessna 210 RTF Micro Plane
Electro Aviator RC Plane Plan

RC Plane Videos

Video Page 1
Video Page 2
Video Page 3
Video Page 4
RC Plane Crashes
RC Plane Video Clips

Ready to Fly Model Airplanes and Helicopters

Micro Helicopter Reviews
Park Models
Radio Control Helicopters
Ready to Fly (RTF) RC Models
RTF Micro Planes
Park Flyer Aircraft
Revell UFO Flying Saucer
E-flite 4-Site 3D RTF
E-flite Extra 300 RTF
ParkZone Sukhoi RTF
Aero Ace RTF
Cessna 210 RTF
Ember RTF
Palm Z RTF
Piloto RTF
Fire Strike RTF helo
Proto Max RTF helo

RC Plane Kits

Guillow Lancer
Hummingbird Kit
MicroScout Kit
LiddleRod Kit
Guillow Balsa Kits
Pietenpol Air Camper
Stevens AeroModel Balsa Kits
Bleriot Kit Bash

RC Airplane Plans and Design

Guillow RC Plane Conversions
Yard Ace II CAD Plans
Radio Control Overview
RC Motor
RC Electric
Eric's Finch
RC Design Challenges - Blackburn

Fly RC Magazine - RC Plane Design
Build Your Own Model Plane
Model Test Flights
Model Aircraft Weight
1908 Model Aeroplane Plan Review
Experience and RC Plane Design
Robin - Step-by-Step Model Airplane Design Tutorial
FREE Plans!
Adapt Older Free Flight Plans to Electric Power
Snapper FREE plan download
Model Aerodynamics
Develop an RC Plane Design
Model Plane Design Made Easy
Absolutely Free RC Airplane Plans
Antique Model Airplanes
Adverse Yaw
Build Your Own RC Plane Insights
Scale Model Airplanes
Plane Designer Tips
Solving Model Airplane Design Problems
Model Plane Build Tips
Model Airplane Plan Characteristics
Publish Your Model Airplane Plan
Draw Your Own Model Plane Plans
How I Published Five Model Plane Plans
RC Airplane Plans
RC Airplane Design
RC Scale Airplane Design Considerations
Yankee Mike Airplane Plan
Yard Ace Airplane Plan
Chickadee Airplane FREE Plan
1912 Blackburn Plan $7.00
Spoked Wheels FREE Plan
RC Plane Designer
Design Model Planes
Antique Airplane Plans
Scale RC Planes
Model Airplane
Homemade RC Planes
RC Indoor Model Airplanes
Free RC Plane Plans
Model Airplanes
First Kit

Foam Model Planes

Building Foam RC Planes
Foam RC Planes
Foam Finch RC Plane
Foam Blackburn Build

Planes Worth Modeling

Fokker Eindecker
Pietenpol Air Camper
Fokker D.VIII
Bleriot XI
Fokker Spin

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

TurboCAD Video Training Screen Shots

RC Airplane Design Software
Simple CAD Software
Model Airplane Design Software
CAD Software Training
Simple CAD

Radio Control Equipment

Spektrum radio systems
Spektrum DX6i Transmitter

Misc. Model Airplane Items

You Tube Videos
Aircraft Flying Wires
Wing Warping
Airplane Slow Flight
RealFlight 6 First Impressions
E-Fest 2012 Indoor Airplane Show
E-fest 2013 Show
John Redman Interview (Horizon Hobby)
Airplane Simulator
RC Motors
What Motor to Use
RC Simulator
Balsa Wood
Finch Silkspan Covering
History of Model Airplanes
RC Plane Overview
Experimental Aircraft Association
Electric Model Motors
Balsa Park Flyers
Airplane Stalls
Model Airplane Glue
Model Airplane Tools
Academy of Model Aeronautics
RC Airplane Wheels
Build a Plane with Early ARF Magazine Ad
RC Flight Simulator
Best Beginning Indoor Plane
Mini RC Indoor Plane
Park Flyer
Indoor Planes
Indoor Flight Facilities
Lipo Battery
E-Fest Model 2009 Airplane Show
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