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Indoor Flying Model Shopping Page

A complete list of aircraft plans and CAD training aids for sale


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Products shipped world wide

Welcome to the Indoor Flying Model shopping page. My name is Tim and I have a wide range of model airplane plans and CAD training aids to help you enjoy the great hobby of radio control model airplane flight.

This shopping page is a "one stop" list of all the products and services for sale on the website to include some free plans shown below. Thanks for taking the time to look this over. Please let me know of any suggestions or improvements for the site via an e-mail to chickadeeplane@aol.com.

I mail orders world wide, and have customers from Australia, Singapore, Germany and Kuwait to name a few.

TurboCAD Training CDs

TurboCAD CDs

CDs provide 2 hours and 50 minutes of narrated video TurboCAD training

TurboCAD Video Training CDs

TurboCAD training CDs offer 2 hours and 50 minutes of narrated video instruction on how to use TurboCAD to prepare a set of model airplane plans.

You'll start from a clean sheet of paper and draw a complete aircraft, in this case the 3 channel Snapper.

These 12 video lessons will save you hours of time as compared to learning TurboCAD on your own. I have been using TurboCAD for all my RC plane designs since 2000, and could not be any happier with this easy to use program.

Note that you do not have to have TurboCAD installed on your computer to use the training videos, as they play via your installed media player.

TurboCAD Deluxe 19

Click above banner to purchase the TurboCAD computer drafting program!

CAD plans for the Yard Ace II park flyer

Yard Ace front view

Yard Ace II front view

Yard Ace II Plan

The Yard Ace II is an easy to build electric powered 3 channel radio controlled park flyer. The Yard Ace is an ideal candidate for a first time model constructed from a set of plans.

I'll e-mail you the CAD files in three formats: TurboCAD, DWG (AutoCAD Native Format) and DXF (Drawing eXchange Format), as well as a paper copy of the plans on 8.5" by 11" sheet paper that you can enlarge to full size.

CAD Plans via E-Mail for the Fokker Spin

Fokker Spin radio control model plane

Fokker Spin top front view


Fokker Spin Plans $6.95

The 1911 Fokker Spin (Dutch for Spider, nicknamed so for the amount of flying wires) was designed, built and used as a trainer by Anthony Fokker, the renowned designer of World War I fighter aircraft. This model of the Spin has a 28" wingspan and uses the ParkZone line of ultra-micro receivers and geared electric motors.

The Spin is easy to build with a simple frame fuselage and three channels of control. I will e-mail you detailed CAD plans in an 8.5" by 11" PDF format that will need to be enlarged at a local copy center. In addition, I will include the CAD files as well as a detailed construction article.

CAD plans for the Blackburn and Chickadee

Blackburn and Chickadee RC model planes

Blackburn (top) and Chickadee (bottom)


Blackburn Plan

The Blackburn Type D Monoplane is a 3 channel sport scale model of the pioneering British aircraft of 1912.

When you purchase a Blackburn plan, I'll include a CAD plan of the Chickadee. Both planes are smooth flyers that can be flown both indoors and outside under calm wind conditions.

Both sets of plans are on 8.5" by 11" paper, and will need to be enlarged at your local copy center. Exact enlargement ratios are listed on the plans.




CAD plans for the Robin, a 4 channel profile RC plane

Robin RC plane

Robin radio controlled park flyer


Robin Plans - $5.00 via e-mail

The Robin is an easy to build 4 channel profile RC plane. The Robin uses the ParkZone line of micro radio control electronics and is hand launched.

The Robin's CAD plans are e-mailed to you in a Microsoft Word file and can be printed out on just about any computer, as there is no need to have a CAD program installed. The plan tiles print out full size on 8.5" by 11" paper and are taped together.


Electro Aviator CAD plans

Electro Aviator

Electro Aviator model airplane


Electro Aviator Plan via e-mail $5.00

The Electro Aviator is a four channel sport radio control airplane best suited for flying at outdoor fields.

I'll e-mail you three versions of the Electro Aviator's CAD plans. Formats include TurboCAD, AutoCAD Native Format (DWG) and Drawing eXchange Format (DXF).

The Electro Aviator looks great and is a smooth flyer. It is one of my favorite RC models to take to the field.

You will have to print out your own set of plans from the CAD files, which will require a CAD program on your computer. I do not offer full size Electro Aviator paper plans due to shipping costs.

Finch micro plane CAD plans

Finch radio control model plane

Finch three channel RC model plane

Free button

Free full size CAD plan!

The Finch is a free full size CAD plan you can download here. The Finch captures the general outlines of the Chickadee and is designed for the popular ParkZone line of micro electronics radio control gear.

The Finch's plans down load as full size and are printed out using Microsoft Word. There is no need to have a CAD program to access the file. If you have TurboCAD installed on your computer, go ahead and download the Finch CAD file here.

The Finch is a great first time project for a plans built model. The construction is simple and the model flies very well. See a foam variant here as well as using Silkspan covering here.

Snapper free CAD plans

Snapper RC model plane top view

Snapper top view


Free button

Free plan download!

The Snapper is another free CAD plan that you can download right now. The Snapper is a low wing version of the Yard Ace. The Snapper is the design project I employed to demonstrate how to use TurboCAD on my training CDs.

You can download either the TurboCAD version of the Snapper here or a PDF file here. You will need to either enlarge the PDF file for the full size plan, or print out the CAD file full size on a plotter.

Yankee Mike

Yankee Mike RC model airplane

Yankee Mike top view

The Yankee Mike was my first radio control model airplane design. No electric power back in 1998, so I used the smallest Saito four stroke gas engine, available in a .30 cubic inch size. The Saito is a jewel, quiet and smooth running. I learned a lot hand drawing the Yankee Mike's plans.

The Yankee Mike was published by Radio Control Modeler magazine, then the top RC magazine of the day. RCM owns the publishing rights to the Yankee Mike, thus I cannot sell the plane on the website.

Sadly, RCM is no longer in business. The good news is RCM plans are still available. Your best bet is to Google "Yankee Mike RCM plan" and you should get to the website. Or, try this link.

Author: Gordon McKay

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