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RC Flight Sim Information

RC flight simulators on your home computer have revolutionized model flight


Piper Cub on floats RC flight sim

Piper J-3 scale Cub on floats - believe it or not, this is a computer rendered image from the RealFlight RC sim


RC flight sim Edge airplane knife edge

Practice knife edge flight on your home computer

A lot of truly amazing things have happened over the past years in the world of flying radio control model airplanes. But perhaps nothing is as far reaching as the introduction of a practical RC flight simulator for use on your home computer.

Marrying the power of today's computers, the convenience of USB connections, a user-friendly computer interface and absolutely realistic, life like images - today's computer flight sims will change forever how you learn and improve your model aircraft piloting skills. This is especially true with learning to fly a scale model such as the Fokker Eindecker.

Computer RC flight sim setup

RealFlight sim with InterLink controller

I recommend the RealFlight RC flight sim for your home computer available from Tower Hobbies. The RealFlight program is very simple to set up and use and provides a realistic and fun model flying experience.

At left, you can see the actual view of the computer screen. The InterLink controller, at lower right, is designed to closely mimic the normal transmitter used for radio control flight.

The joystick on the left controls throttle and rudder and the joystick on the right controls elevator and aileron. These are all matched perfectly to the various airplane models flown on the sim.


RC flight sim computer screen

Electric park flyer ready for a grass takeoff

The power of today's home computers offer the ability to produce realistic flying scenes, as shown at right. The model airplane is on the runway, engine ticking over, waiting for takeoff. A perfect method to avoid model airplane crashes at the flying field.

You simply increase the throttle and the flight sim airplane starts accelerating on takeoff. The engine sounds completely realistic and the model moves to every flight input you direct from the "transmitter," or InterLink controller. It truly is amazing.

Model flight sim field

Computer image of a Nieuport biplane waiting for takeoff

The simulator gives you a chance to "fly" a wide variety of models, from ParkZone electric powered park flyers to turbine powered jets. The software does a remarkable job simulating the flight characteristics of these various models, such as early flyers using warping for bank control, providing a true feel as to how the actual aircraft perform.

Using a sim allows one to practice flight maneuvers without fear of crashing. This works great with RTF micro 3D flyers such as the E-flite 4-Site. Beginners can work on basic flight skills such as orientation, and more advanced flyers can work on everything from practicing inverted flight to hovers.

InterLink controller

RC flight sim InterLink controller

The InterLink controller can be used with the RealFlight program, and is a "must have" for the full simulator experience.

The InterLink controller has the normal two joysticks for throttle, rudder, aileron and rudder control. In addition, there are full flight trims for each control function and well as switches at the top of the device used for dual rate functions and such additional functions as gear retraction or smoke on/off.

Note that the controller connects to your computer by a standard USB plug. The red button on the lower left of the controller is a handy feature that, when pressed, automatically resets the simulated aircraft to the end of the runway, ready for another takeoff.

Jet fighter

L-30 jet trainer


There are a wide variety of RC models that can be added to the basic RealFlight program via additional CDs. Everything from electric powered foam aerobats to twin engine war birds to Razor helicopter can be flown from the comfort of your living room.

F-86 Sabre

F-86 Sabre


RealFlight gives you extensive capabilities to customize the aircraft to mirror different flight characteristics. You can change the wingspan, modify airfoils, and even swap between glow and electric powered engines.

Hover in gym

Foam flyer hovering


Test flying your new model - such as the ParkZone Sukhoi micro flyer - in the RealFlight RC sim can make that first actual flight a whole lot more relaxing!


Author: Gordon McKay

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