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Proto Max 4 channel RTF Micro RC Helicopter

Proto Max flies great - comes with everything needed to get airborne!

Proto Mx micro RC helicopter

Proto Max micro helicopter

- Rugged micro helicopter with four channel interference free 2.4 GHz radio control

- Transmitter contains built in LiPo battery charger and computer display screen

- Bell-Hiller mixing on the fixed pitch rotor for maneuverability

- Skill level - Proto Max is a maneuverable helicopter - best for pilots over 10 years old, looking to advance their flight skills

- Flight characteristics: 10 out of 10 (really!)

- Where to buy: Tower Hobbies for under $100

Proto Max is an agile and responsive flyer 


Proto Max RC helicopter in flight

Proto Max in flight

Proto Max micro RC helicopter

Revell’s Proto Max is a remarkable machine. For under $100, you get a complete package for ready to fly indoor micro RC helicopter flight.

Everything is included: transmitter on 2.4 GHz for interference free flight; full four channel proportional control of throttle, pitch, roll and yaw; and a built in flight battery charger on the back of the transmitter. Even the transmitter’s four AA batteries are included.

You only need to the take the Proto Max out of the box, install the batteries in the transmitter, charge the supplied 3.7 volt 130 mAh LiPo flight battery and you are ready to get airborne.

Prot Max helicopter box

Proto Max components

The Proto Max photo illustrated instruction manual is complete and covers all the preparation and unique features of the Proto Max in good detail.

For example, the right stick of the transmitter can be pushed in to select the skill mode, either advanced or beginner. All four channels of the Proto Max include electronic trim. The trim position graphic is clearly displayed on the transmitter’s large computer screen.

The supplied LiPo battery has a very well thought out arrangement for the contact tabs which permits the battery to be easily slid into the Proto Max’s battery bay without any danger of bending delicate electrical contact points.

Due to this design there is absolutely no danger of inserting the battery backwards and accidentally shorting out the entire Proto Max micro RC helicopter electronics package.

Initial helicopter flights

You will find you are ready to fly the Proto Max just as soon as the supplied lipo battery is charged (less than an hour). As the Proto Max is a full four channel helicopter it is a bit more challenging to fly than the two and three channel IR controlled helicopters such as the Razor or Fire Strike.

In this case, “challenging” is a good thing, as you have all four channels needed for full flight control with the Proto Max. If you have no prior experience with a four channel RC helicopter and you have no experience flying fixed wing micro RC airplanes, you may want to consider doing some initial helicopter training on a computer RC flight simulator.

Proto Max rear view

Internal electronic equipment

As you prepare for your first flight with the Proto Max, ensure you have a large enough operating area if indoors, and calm wind if flying outside.

Throttle is the key control for getting off the ground and maintaining controlled flight, and you will be using the Proto Max’s throttle at all times as you gain proficiency with this little gem.

My Proto Max took to the air in good trim with no adjustments required. Just take it easy and provide smooth inputs to the controls, striving for level flight with the throttle and trim as necessary to keep the Proto Max micro RC helicopter from turning.

You will find for your early sorties that you can focus on the throttle and yaw commands, with a touch of forward pitch to head out on a desired vector.

Proto Max helicopter in flight

The Proto Max has a steady flight profile

Flight control is intuitive and you will find yourself very quickly getting comfortable with this incredibly well built micro RC helicopter.

The Proto Max rotor has Bell-Hiller mixing for maneuverability and a built in gyro for heading hold. There really are no special tricks you need to be aware of when taking the helicopter in the air.

As I mentioned earlier, spend a lot of time thinking about and applying proper throttle control for level flight. For example, as you lower the nose (reduce pitch) to begin forward flight, the rotor blade lift will increase, thus the need for a slight power reduction to maintain level flight. These types of inputs will very soon become intuitive.


Proto Max helicopter on desk

Top view of Proto Max micro RC helicopter

The Proto Max is lightweight and survives dings into walls and ceilings very well. If you can find a large inside model flight facility, so much the better.

The main thing you can do to prevent damage to the mechanical components of your helicopter is to ensure the throttle is fully off before you impact anything. It is much safer for the little helicopter to plop onto the ground from a few feet up, than to have the rotor at full power thumping into the wall.


In summary, the four channel Proto Max will perform precision rotary wing flight right in your living room. The Proto Max is ideal for model pilots transitioning from dual rotor, stable helicopters to the more agile single rotor Proto Max.

The built-in heading hold gyro provides a positive feel to your maneuvers. The Proto Max has plenty of power for sustained hover and maneuvers. The Proto Max can be easily trimmed for hands-off hover, but will move right out when forward pitch is applied.

Everything needed for flight is included in the package - even a carrying handle on the Proto Max’s storage box for ease of transport. Do give the Proto Max micro RC helicopter a try – you will not be disappointed!

Author: Gordon McKay

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