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ParkZone Sukhoi Su-26m

The Sukhoi is an exciting four channel RTF micro RC airplane


ParkZone Sukhoi front side view

ParkZone Sukhoi Su-26m side view - just 15.75 inches long!

ParkZone's Sukhoi Su-26m

The ParkZone line of ready to fly RC model aircraft have set the world standard for superb performance of micro RTF RC model airplanes.

The early ParkZone models were limited to just three channels of proportional control - rudder, elevator and throttle. This three channel concept provided the initial models with full control for normal flight maneuvers, a great early example being the Cessna 210.

But RC pilots everywhere looked for a four channel micro RTF aircraft design with the addition of ailerons for full aerobatic capability. Finally, the unique Sukhoi is here.

The Sukhoi delivers high performance. It is ready to fly out of the box with fully proportional four channel control long sought by experienced RC pilots.


ParkZone Sukhoi front view

Sukhoi with included battery charger

Ready to Fly right out of the box

The Sukhoi has a wingspan of just 15.75 inches, an overall length of 14.25 inches and weights a mere 34 grams. This is ideal for smaller size flying venues.

The Sukhoi comes with a four channel radio receiver, electronic speed control, and tiny servos for the elevator, rudder and ailerons completely installed.

You will need a Spektrum DSM2 transmitter to control the model. A separate transmitter will save you money in the long run as they can be programmed via their computer memory to control multiple aircraft.

All this is provided in the jam-free 2.4 GHz spread spectrum frequency band. You’ll find that it is just about impossible to own one ParkZone aircraft. They are just too affordable and fly too well to not have several models in your hangar.

Sukoi controls

View of the radio equipment

There is no assembly required for the Sukhoi. All you need to do is insert the landing gear and charge the supplied 110 mAh lipo battery and you are ready to fly. The instructions describe the very easy procedure of binding the DSM2 transmitter to your receiver and you are ready to get airborne. It really is that simple.

Flying the Sukhoi

The Sukhoi has plenty of thrust and take offs are uneventful from a smooth surface. You can also hand launch at any time. Even an inverted hand launch goes off without a hitch. Just remember to use down elevator to climb out.

The large prop provides plenty of drag when you throttle back, so plan on keeping a little bit of power when approaching to land. As an added bonus, the Sukhoi does a nifty job of shooting touch and goes, providing your landing strip is fairly smooth.

The Sukhoi can be controlled via low and high control rates. Low control rates provide a docile feel for the Sukhoi, while high rates are optimum for aerobatic flight. The Sukhoi can be flown outdoors when the winds are calm.


Sukhoi in flight

Sukhoi Su-26m in banked flight

Aerobatics and training

Aerobatics are the Sukhoi's forte. The model has plenty of power for these maneuvers. The airplane will easily loop from level flight and climb at steep enough angles for stall turns. The Sukhoi has no challenges with inverted and rolling flight.

Use of higher control throws, described clearly in the operation manual, provide an added dimension of aerobatic capability for the experienced pilot.

One added benefit of the Sukhoi is the airplane’s incredible durability. The airplane is light, thus has very little inertia for the inevitable crashes. The Sukhoi "bounces well" when it occasionally bumps into the ground or gym wall. Repairs are easy with a dab of foam safe glue. An easily replaced spare prop is included.

Sukhoi engine and radio

Geared motor and "brick" containing radio receiver, servos and electronic speed control



The Sukhoi is a superbly engineered and well flying RC model.

The full size Sukhoi is a highly competitive aerobatic airplane. These nimble flight characteristics carry over to the ParkZone version.

The model Sukhoi is really not a suitable trainer for the tyro RC pilot. Start off with learning to fly on one of the more docile ParkZone airplanes, such as the Vapor, Ember or Cessna 210. Then graduate to the challenges of the acrobatic Sukhoi. As an added bonus, you will see plenty Sukhois at the E-Fest airplane show in Champaign, Illinois.


Sukhoi in hand

The Sukhoi fits neatly in your hand



In conclusion, the ParkZone Sukhoi delivers on its promise of a well designed, well engineered micro ready to fly aerobatic RC airplane. It can easily survive the occasional crash, thus freeing you from the worry of major repairs with a larger gas powered aerobatic RC airplane.

The Sukhoi flies slowly and close in enough that you can easily “see" the maneuvers as you are practicing them. Tie in your aerobatics work with the RC flight sim Real Flight simulator for even greater advancement with your flight training.

Get a Sukhoi today – you cannot go wrong with this micro masterpiece!

Author: Gordon McKay

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