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Ember Ready to Fly RC Model Airplane

The ParkZone Ember makes for an ideal trainer with precise three channel control


ParkZone Ember RC plane

Ember RTF RC model plane

The ParkZone RTF revolution

The last several years have provided dramatic advances in the world of radio control model airplane flight. No change has happened quicker, or been more enthusiastically embraced by pilots than the revolution in ready to fly micro RC model airplanes.

ParkZone led the way in this rethinking of small model flight with their Cessna 210. Now the equally fascinating Ember joins the ParkZone heritage.

The Ember is similar to the Cessna 210 in that it comes completely build and ready to fly, to include a charger for the tiny 3.7 volt 70 mAh Li-Po battery.

The Ember has a larger wing area than the Cessna 210 and is designed to fly a bit slower. In addition, the Ember's larger control surfaces provide more response during slow flight and close in maneuvers.

ParkZone Ember side view

Ember side view

Ember overview

The Ember's transmitter operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency band, thus there is no need to worry about interference from other RC pilots. The Ember uses three channels of control for fully proportional rudder, elevator and throttle.

The original Ember was followed by the Ember 2. The only difference between the variants is that the Ember 2 radio receiver utilizes the newer DSM2 (Digital Spread Modulation) protocol that offers increased bit rate technology and reduced signal latency.

The Ember 2 with DSM2 will provide a more “locked in” control feel to the pilot. An added bonus is that the Ember's DSM2 receiver will allow you to use one transmitter for multiple RC aircraft.

Ember introduction and flight video

The Ember has a 16.5 inch wing span, an overall length of 13.25 inches and weighs a mere 20 grams. The wing and tail surfaces are made from durable foam. The fuselage is a lightweight frame tube arrangement.

The radio equipment is installed and completely connected to the control surfaces. All you need to do prior to your first flight is to charge the battery and slip on the supplied landing gear.

ParkZone Ember electric motor

Lipo battery and electric motor

The Ember is powered by a small electric motor geared to the propeller. You’ll note a significant amount of down thrust built in to the motor mount. Do not make any adjustment to this, as the large down thrust angle is all part of the Ember’s innovative design.

The heart of the Ember 2 is the small electronics unit mounted on the fuselage rail, nicknamed “the brick.” This remarkable device contains the radio receiver, servos for the elevator and rudder, and the electronic speed control for the motor throttle.

As discussed earlier, the Ember 2 receiver uses the advanced DSM2 radio technology to allow multiple receivers to bind to a single transmitter. This will save the RC hobbyist money as one transmitter can now be used for multiple models.

Ember battery charger

Li-Po battery charger



The Ember's battery is very simple to charge and slips into a little holder clip on the fuselage frame. Take care to insert the lipo battery with the correct polarity, such that you don’t short out the radio system.

Note also that the battery holder can be adjusted fore and aft on the fuselage frame. Even with the low weight of the battery, moving the battery position towards the nose provides a and more stable flight characteristics. Moving the battery aft shifts the center of gravity a bit towards the rear of the model, and allows for more nimble and aerobatic flight.



Ember controls

Generous rudder and elevator area provides positive control


Flying the Ember

You will find that the Ember is one of the easiest and most forgiving RC model airplanes you have ever flown. As you will likely make your first flights in an enclosed area ensure you have a flying zone of at least half a basketball court.

To take off simply advance to full throttle, and the plane will be airborne after a few feet of ground run.

The Ember is a great trainer to learn to fly RC as it can operate at slow speeds. The model’s light weight ensures no damage in the event of a hard landing. Even at a full throttle setting the Ember moves along at a relaxed pace suitable for the beginning pilot to confidently master the basics of RC flight.

Ember control brick

Receiver and servo unit with battery plug



The Ember's controls are well harmonized. Combined with the solid feel of the DSM2 radio equipment the Ember will soon be one of your favorite indoor RC model planes.

ParkZone's micro aircraft really are remarkable. has created a niche in the realm of high quality, ready to fly ultra-lightweight RC airplanes. Give one of these gems a test flight today!



Author: Gordon McKay



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