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ParkZone Airplane - Ready to Fly Perfection

ParkZone RC model planes set the standard for micro flight


ParkZone airplane Cessna 210 RC model airplane

The Cessna 210 comes ready to fly right out of the box

RC modelers
have worked long and hard to build practical micro electric radio control model airplanes. The demands of this unique realm of RC flight include small size, light weight and tiny electric motors. Until recently the radio gear was simply too large and heavy for practical indoor RC flight.

ParkZone C-210 model RC airplane

ParkZone Cessna 210

Happily, the engineering team at ParkZone recently introduced a line a ready to fly RC aircraft and micro helicopters that will completely meet the needs of any RC pilot.

These remarkable little models come ready to fly right out of the box. The ParkZone line of model planes includes extremely small and light weight electronics that provide full proportional control on the interference-free 2.4 GHz frequency band. The latest versions include Spektrum radio DSM2 Bind-N-Fly radio technology.

In short, with ready to fly models there is no need for the precise building skills needed to construct a successful micro model plane. The ParkZone planes come with all the internal electronic controls installed and connected to the control surfaces.

The geared electric motor is mounted and at the proper down thrust angle. The airplane is even balanced at the correct center of gravity location. All one needs to do is charge the model with the supplied lipo battery charger and then go fly. It simply cannot get any easier to fly an RC model airplane.


ParkZone C-210 in flight

The C-210 can be flown outdoors in calm winds

Cessna 210

The first ParkZone airplane to be offered was the Cessna 210. The C-210 is made of lightweight foam and uses a three channel proportional control radio system for elevator, rudder and throttle control.

The Cessna 210 looks just like its full scale counterpart to include the top mounted wing and distinctive fuselage shape. The Cessna’s wing has a very precise camber built in that provides for smooth flight characteristics.

All ParkZone airplanes come in at a very low weight, and the Cessna 210 is no exception at 18 grams. It would be difficult for any modeler to produce a model like this on their own, meeting the stringent weight, wing shape and precise control linkages necessary for a well flying model.

ParkZone airplane Ember RTF micro RC airplane

ParkZone Ember



The success of the Cessna 210 was rapidly followed by the Ember. The Ember is a three channel design, just like the Cessna 210. The Ember weighs about the same as the Cessna but has a larger wing area and greater dihedral for an easy to fly model with gentle handling characteristics.

The Ember would be an ideal trainer for anyone learning how to fly an RC model airplane. Like all ParkZone airplanes the Ember just needs its flight battery charged with the supplied charger and you are ready to take to the skies.


ParkZone Sukoi RC airplane

RTF 4-channel Sukhoi



RC pilots are always looking for the next “new thing”. The ParkZone team did just this with the fully aerobatic, four channel RTF Sukhoi aerobatic plane.

The Sukhoi uses the same design philosophy as their other models with precisely shaped foam parts and pre- installed light weight electronics.

The addition of a fourth channel for full aileron controls makes for all the difference to the aspiring 3D acrobatic pilot. You can now practice your maneuvers at home on your computer simulator and then try the same stunts in flight at the local gym.

ParkZone Mustang micro RC model airplane

Mustang RTF RC model

ParkZone Mustang

For the scale enthusiast, the ParkZone P-51D Mustang is a faithful replica of the famous World War II fighter. The Mustang even flies like a WW-II fighter with fast swooping turns and maneuvers.

The Mustang is a great complement to the other ParkZone airplanes and will need a bit more flying space due to its fighter heritage of a higher airspeed.


ParkZone Cessna 210 micro RC airplane

The LiddleRod uses ParkZone electronics



You can purchase any ParkZone micro ready to fly model plane and be completely confident you are acquiring a great flying machine.

All ParkZone products are extremely well designed and built, and will literally fly right out of the box. Get a few for your personal hangar. You and your flying friends simply cannot go wrong with these winning RC model airplanes.

Author: Gordon McKay

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