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Model Airplane Videos!

Videos on ready to fly, plans and kit built radio control planes


All the videos on this page are also shown with links for the page for that model airplane or construction procedure. Please follow the links below each video if you wish to further explore the various modeling subjects.

E-Fest model airplane show


Download free CAD plans for the three channel Finch

The Finch is a easy to built micro RC airplane. You can download a free set of full size CAD plans for the Finch here. The Finch uses common building materials of balsa and ply, and can be completed in a weekend. The Finch uses the popular and affordable ParkZone line of electronics. The finished aircraft weighs just 1.1 ounces.

The LiddleRod is a quick building, laser cut balsa airplane kit

The LiddleRod is a well designed three channel kit. All parts are laser cut and the kit goes together very quickly. I built my LiddleRod airplane kit in a day.

The LiddleRod flies well and is a responsive and agile aircraft. I would recommend the LiddleRod for intermediate builders and pilots - it is certainly something different from the typical ARF seen at your local flying area, and worth practicing with on an RC flight simulator.

The Blackburn is an attractive semi-scale model airplane

The Blackburn video shows the unique wing attachment method, using balsa dowels, for this well mannered three channel RC model airplane.

The CAD plans for the Blackburn have all the information needed to build this historic British aircraft, and the plans are available here. The Blackburn is straightforward to construct from the detailed plans and is very easy to fly.


The Proto Max is responsive and easy to maneuver

The Proto Max micro helicopter is a tremendous value. For under $100 you get a true four channel RC helicopter with a 2.4 GHz transmitter, built in battery charger, and a 120 milliamp lipo battery.

Everything you need to get flying is included, even the AA batteries for the transmitter. Just charge the flight battery and get airborne. The Proto Max has exceptionally smooth operation and is a ball to fly. I give it my highest recommendation.


Sig did a superb job with the well engineered Demoiselle kit

The Demoiselle is a one of a kind semi-scale model airplane kit produced by the folks at Sig Manufacturing. As you can see in the video the Sig Demoiselle is a thoughtfully designed model with a unique triangular open frame fuselage.

The Demoiselle is a responsive slow flyer ideally suited for relaxing flights. Note the scale all-moving tail surface which faithfully replicates the control scheme of the full scale Demoiselle.

ParkZone produced a lightweight winner with the Ember

The Ember is a lightweight, ready to fly three channel model airplane. The Ember is perfectly designed for its lightweight RC gear, providing true three channel proportional control.

The video shows the smooth flight characteristics of the Ember. Due to its light weight the Ember is just about impossible to damage in a crash and is ideally suited as a trainer model plane.


The Chickadee is a great model for a first plans build effort

The Chickadee is a plan built model airplane that can be flown outdoors under calm wind conditions. The Chickadee is a smooth flyer and the design is easy to modify with different fuselage outlines and structures.

The video shows that the Chickadee has plenty of power and the large control surfaces provide smooth and positive control. Free plans are available when your purchase a set of Blackburn plans.

Revell's Piloto comes ready to fly right out of the box

The Piloto is an easy to fly, micro two channel model airplane. The Piloto uses throttle and rudder control. The video shows the nose high attitude common to these ready to fly micro RC planes. The Piloto is fun to fly and just about indestructible with it rear mounted prop.

The Cyclone is an unusual model airplane design that flies very well

The Cyclone is an affordable, ready to fly RC micro airplane that uses infrared control. IR controllers are usually less expensive than a radio frequency transmitter but typically have a reduced range. The Cyclone is one of the most unique wing shapes I have ever flown, with a triangular wing design patterned after a Navy test aircraft of the 1940s. The Cyclone is responsive and lots of fun to fly.

The ParkZone Cessna 210 is a popular RTF three channel micro flyer

ParkZone C-210 is the micro ready to fly RC model airplane that more or less started the revolution with indoor flying. For under $150, you got a three channel, fully proportional RC model airplane that actually flew very, very well.

But don’t take my word for it, just look at the number of ParkZone Cessna 210s flying at indoor venues everywhere. You cannot go wrong with this great little model. The Cessna 210 can be flown outdoors under calm wind conditions.

The Fire Strike is inexpensive three channel helicopter fun

The Fire Strike is a low cost, three channel ready to fly twin rotor helicopter. The IR transmitter has a charging cord for the helicopter. Flights can last up to eight minutes. The Fire Strike is a nimble flyer and is a great trainer for someone just starting to learn the basics of helicopter flight. The Fire Strike can be well controlled for close in hovers.

The Razor makes very good use of two channels for helicopter flight

The Razor is another example of a low cost, easy to fly two channel RTF helicopter which is ideal as a trainer for someone new to the world of radio control helicopter flight. The Razor uses twin rotors on a single mast for stability and includes a dedicated motor on the tail rotor for turns. Due to its small size and low weight, the Razor is very resilient with the normal bumps and crashes associated with RC flight.

The Aero Ace uses differential thrust for aircraft control

The Aero Ace is an example of one of the early ready to fly foam RC airplanes. The Aero Ace distinguishes itself from almost any other radio control model airplane you have flown by having no moving control surfaces. Rather, differential thrust from the twin electric motors are used to turn the airplane and the throttle is used to climb or dive, a very innovative control scheme.

The world of indoor RC model aircraft is expanding daily

With the revolution in affordable, micro radio control equipment available these days there is an explosion in the number and variety of smaller radio control models available.

Ready to fly, plans built, micro size, airplane, helicopter - everyone can find a type of RC model airplane flight that suits them.

Micro RC model aircraft are ideal for learning how to fly

Learning to fly to fly a radio controlled model airplane has in the past always been a challenge. With the larger model airplanes needed for gas engine flight, an instructor was an absolute requirement for learning how to fly a model airplane. If you tried to teach yourself how to fly, the inevitable crashes would simply stop this effort. The light weight, slow flight speeds and crash damage tolerance of today’s micro airplanes make teaching yourself how to fly a reality.

The Electro Aviator was my first published plan

The Electro Aviator is a great looking RC model that is easy to build and flies well. The Electro Aviator is my first published plan drawn with TurboCAD, and the balsa and plywood parts were all laser cut for a great fit.

Valuable insights on using TurboCAD

TurboCAD is an affordable, easy to learn and very powerful Computer Aided Design (CAD) program. Like any CAD program, there are some tricks that you need to learn in order to be proficient with TurboCAD.

I have close to three hours of video instruction that will take you step by step from a clean sheet of paper to a finished RC model airplane design. These training CDs will save you months of effort, and get you started soonest with quickly drawing professional CAD RC airplane plans.

Further insights on using TurboCAD to draw model airplane plans

This TurboCAD training video will show you how TurboCAD is designed to work with various drafting processes. Once understood, TurboCAD can be used to quickly prepare professional looking RC model airplane designs.

This video details the use of TurboCAD to precisely draw a wing spar

This chapter is taken right from the TurboCAD training CDs and shows you step-by-step how to employ TurboCAD to draw a precise spar for an RC model airplane design. TurboCAD automates many drafting tasks that took a great deal of time when done by hand on paper plans.

Using TurboCAD for the drafting of this wing spar provides valuable insights as to the power of CAD programs to swiftly prepare model airplane plans.

TurboCAD makes drawing a model airplane fuselage easy and quick

The Snapper is a low winged version of the Yard Ace model airplane. Drawing the Snapper plan is the subject of my TurboCAD training CDs. In the course of close to three hours of TurboCAD video instruction, you will progress from a “clean sheet of paper” to a finished model airplane design of the Snapper.

Along the way, you will see clearly how to usefully employ TurboCAD for drawing a wide variety of RC airplane plans.

Author: Gordon McKay

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