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Model Airplane Kits Info for RC Flyers

Learn to build your model airplanes from kits for maximum fun

Demoiselle model airplanes kits

The Sig Demoiselle kit is very complete

There are numerous model airplane kits that can provide a unique flying experience. These kits are designed for a variety of building level skills and can produce great looking and well flying model aircraft with a minimum of model airplane tools, as well as the satisfaction of having actually constructed the model yourself. In addition, learning to build models from a kit will lay the foundation for your own RC airplane design some day.

The Demoiselle is an excellent example of one of these electric powered model airplanes kits made from balsa, plywood and tissue. While the Demoiselle is not suitable for a first-time builder, the instructions and CAD plans are crystal clear. And, when done, you have one of the best flying model airplanes available anywhere.


Yard Ace fuselage

Yard Ace fuselage under construction


Building techniques for model airplane kits rely on lightweight construction and often mirror construction methods of airplanes built in the early days of manned aviation. Balsa wood and tissue coverings produce very pleasing models. There are a variety of electric motors and radio control sets that can be installed in these aircraft.


MicroScout model airplanes kits foam parts

The foam MicroScout can be built in a day



In addition, the use of lightweight foam can prove to be an ideal building material. Foam offers a simple building process and can lend itself to a wide variety of scale and fun fly RC model airplanes kits. The MicroScout is a great example of a quick building foam micro flyer.



Demoiselle model airplanes kits fuselage on building board

Demoiselle fuselage is built over the plans



In this section, we will take a look at some of the wide variety of model airplane plans and kits for today's flyer and how these aircraft can complement your experience with the ready to fly versions. The kits for these smaller models usually go together in a rapid manner and build your confidence for a plans-built planes someday.


ParkZone Sukhoi RTF RC model

ParkZone Sukhoi RTF our channel aerobatic model


Putting together a model airplane kit offers a lot of fun and satisfaction. The Demoiselle is a great example of an RC model airplane that is large enough to build without undue concern over a slight increase in the final weight of the finished model.

With the new breed of micro RC model airplane the weight of the model is absolutely critical. Even an extra dab of glue can put the weight of the finished model over the maximum that the tiny electric motor can handle.

ParkZone aircraft are the leading series of these great micro RC planes. Even though pre-built, these great flying models are a superb way to learn to fly RC and get your piloting skills up to the level to build and fly a kit RC model airplane. Be sure to see all types of kit built and ready to fly RC model aircraft at the annual E-Fest airplane show.

LiddleRod micro RC kit

LiddleRod micro RC airplane kit



The LiddleRod is an easy to build micro RC plane kit that uses the popular ParkZone electronics for a fun build and fast paced flight. This laser cut kit builds in a day and flies very well. Note that the fuselage is bare, uncovered balsa to save weight.



Author: Gordon McKay

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