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Revell Fire Strike Pro 4-Rotor Heli

Ready to fly 3 channel radio control helicopter fun - super stable flight with twin rotors!


Fire Strike radio control helicopter front view

Fire Strike Pro helicopter


- Fire Strike Pro Ready to Fly radio control helicopter

- Agile flyer with robust, three channel infrared control

- Exceptionally smooth flight control via twin contra-rotors

- Skill level beginner to advanced; best for pilots over 8 years old

- Flight characteristics: 9.5 out of 10- Where to buy: Tower Hobbies - under $50!


Fires Strike radio control helicopter in hover

Computer flight simulators can help with orientation practice


Welcome to Revell's Fire Strike Pro!

Revell’s Fire Strike Pro is a unique and affordable tandem rotor RC helicopter. The Fire Strike Pro arrives in the box completely assembled. All that you need to do is install six AA batteries in the Controller, charge the flight battery, and take off.

As you can see in the photos and accompanying video, the Fire Strike Pro is a joy to fly, with precise three channel inputs for throttle (altitude), turns, and fore and aft control. At a price of less than $50 for everything, you really cannot go wrong adding this amazing RC helicopter to your indoor flying fleet.

Sea Knight

USMC CH-46 "Sea Knight"

The Fire Strike Pro is based on the U.S. Marine Corps CH-46 “Sea Knight” helicopter. The CH-46 is used by the USMC for all-weather, day or night assault transport of combat troops, supplies and equipment. Additional tasks include search and rescue, and support for forward refueling and arming points. First flown in 1962, the Sea Knight continues to serve today. The Fire Strike Pro provides a valuable reminder of the brave men and women flying the CH-46 in harm’s way.



Video of Fire Strike Pro in action

Fire Strike package

Fire Strike Pro package - all that is needed to fly!

Ready to Fly right out of the box

As mentioned earlier, the Fire Strike Pro comes in a complete package, to include the combined Controller/battery charger and instruction manual. The helicopter is an amazing piece of design engineering. Both of the front and rear rotor assemblies consists of two counter-rotating rotor blades. The counter-rotating blades cancel out torque, thus eliminating the need for a tail rotor.

Each of the four rotor blades is powered by its own electric motor. The Fire Strike Pro’s on-board computer receives flight inputs from the Controller and automatically adjusts the speed of each rotor motor to allow for all maneuvers, to include turns, straight ahead and reverse flight. Stabilizing fly bars attached to each top rotor provide for smooth throttle transitions. All this “engineering magic” happily combines into one sweet flying machine. I am not sure this level of technology could even be produced a few years ago.


Fire Strike radio control helicopter controller

Fire Strike controller

Fire Strike Pro Controller

The controller is used to provide control inputs and doubles as a charger for the in-flight battery. The instructions do a good job of describing how to charge the helicopter battery. The battery charging jack is necessarily small. Don’t ever force the jack into the helicopter’s charging port. Once the charging pins are correctly aligned, the jack clicks right in. If you try and force it, it is likely the jack in being installed upside down.

One other very important item to note on the Fire Strike Pro is the throttle position before turning the system on for flight. The throttle (left stick on the controller) MUST be in the off, or full down position, before turning on the controller. The throttle off on startup scheme is part of the logic and safety setup of the system.

This method prevents accidentally leaving the throttle in a high setting, with the four rotor blades immediately starting to move and causing possible injury when the controller is turned on. Thus, if the Fire Strike Pro’s electric motors will not operate when the throttle is increased for takeoff, the most likely reason is the throttle was not fully down prior to turning the controller on. In this case, simply turn off the helicopter and controller; ensure the throttle is fully down (off); and turn the controller back on followed by the Fire Strike Pro.


Fire Strike charging

Fire Strike Pro being charged from controller

The controller provides three channels of flight control inputs. The left throttle stick directs up and down movement (altitude) of the helicopter. The controller’s right stick controls forward and backward movement of the helicopter via the stick going up or down. Right and left movement of the controller’s right stick causes turns left or right. The infrared signal emitter is at the top of the controller. Ensure the signal emitter is always clean and pointed directly at the Fire Strike Pro radio control helicopter during your flights to ensure full and positive control.

There are two other very important dials on the controller, located just outside the right stick quadrant. At the upper right is the forward and backward trim dial, and at the lower right is the left and right trim dial. You will need to trim your Fire Strike Pro prior to each flight, and these easy to use trim dial wheels will become part of your normal take off tasks. More on this under the radio control helicopter flight section.

Author: Gordon McKay

Fire Strike Pro page 2

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