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Ember Ready to Fly Micro Model

The Ember flies like no other micro flyer- perfection at 2.4 GHz!

Ember RC model airplane

ParkZone Ember ready to fly RC model


- Ready to fly micro RC plane ParkZone Ember

- No additional equipment needed to fly

- Three channels of control for rudder, elevator and throttle

- Skill level: Beginner to advanced

- Flight characteristics: 10 out of 10 (this is a perfect model)

- Where to buy: www.parkzone.com


Ember micro RC plane

ParkZone Ember is an ideal trainer for slow flight practice


The ParkZone Ember is from the same family as the Cessna 210 and the Sukhoi. Everything needed to fly comes in the box. All you need to do is charge the flight battery, put some AA batteries in the transmitter and go fly. The Ember is best suited for flight at your local indoor model flight facility and can be flown outdoors under calm wind conditions.

The three channel radio (elevator, rudder and throttle) is fully proportional, and uses 2.4 GHz spread spectrum technology for interference free flight.




Video of the ParkZone Ember in flight

Flying the Ember

Ember RC plane motor and servos

Ember showing geared electric motor and servos

The Ember is an exceptionally light weight model that flies a bit differently than the Cessna 210. Due to a slightly larger wing area and a similar weight, the Ember has a lighter wing loading (ratio of aircraft weight to wing surface area) as compared to the C-210. This results in a noticeably lighter feel to the flight controls of the Ember.

The lighter wing loading of the Ember allows for exceptionally slow fight. The Ember can be easily flown just inches off the ground, in fully controlled turns and touch and goes.

In my 35 years of flying model aircraft, the ParkZone Ember is the best flying model I have come across. The feeling of "connectedness" with the Ember is simply remarkable. The slightest movement of the transmitter sticks translate perfectly to flight inputs of the model.


Ember transmitter

Ember transmitter

Without question, anyone can achieve success with learning to fly this micro RC plane. The controls are balanced and positive. The Ember will remain a favorite of the most experienced flyer as well as the novice. The Ember makes an ideal training RC model aircraft.

Even the Ember's transmitter stands out from the crowd, with its unique ergonomic design. It fits into your hands with a completely natural feel.

Spend more time sharpening your RC flight skills with practice on an RC flight sim and your home computer. The one-two punch of well flying ParkZone aircraft and computer RC sims make for a great training combo.




Ember battery and charger

Ember flight battery and charger

The ParkZone Ember uses the same tiny, lightweight 70 milliamp flight battery and automatic charger. The battery charges in 15 minutes and is good for flights up to 10 minutes. Just plug the battery in to the charger and wait for the blinking light, taking care to use the right polarity.

Don't be thrown off by the fragile look of the Ember. The airplane is thoughtfully designed and strong just where needed. The key is the plane's light weight. It is a joy to fly.

See also information on other ready to fly micro RC plane - the Aero Ace, Cyclone and Palm Z.



Author: Gordon McKay


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