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E-Fest Airplane Show - World's Top Indoor RC Show!

E-Fest is the one electric model airplane show you have to attend

505 E Armory Ave
Champaign, IL

Electric motors at airplane show

E-Fest airplane show electric motor demo cage


The E-Fest indoor electric festival, held every year in January/ February at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Armory Track and Field Facility, is the one electric RC model airplane event you really must attend.

See every type of mini RC plane and park models at this event. The Academy of Model Aeronautics provides excellent coverage of E-Fest as well.


Amory interior home of E-Fest airplane show

Armory interior, host for E-Fest airplane show



Scale RC airplanes, kit built flyers, micro RC planes, pylon races, the latest RTF 3D aerobats such as the E-flite Extra 300, park flyers, lots of ParkZone aircraft and combat contests are all on display at E-Fest airplane show!

You will also have a chance to see the latest control gear, to include a large showing of Spektrum radio systems. Plenty of micro helicopters and prototype models fly at E-Fest.




Great video of the E-Fest indoor airplane show!


Aerial view of E-Fest

Do check out the aerial view of E-Fest from a radio control blimp! The quality of the video really is amazing.

Enjoy some pictures below from the show

Sig Bleriot at airplane show

Sig Bleriot with antique effect wing covering


Very nice model of the Bleriot at left, from the same Sig Manufacturing Company "Pioneer of Flight" series of RC model airplanes that includes the Demoiselle. A great looking and superb flying scale RC airplane, the Bleriot was flown during the same era as the Blackburn Type D monoplane.


Sig Bleriot cockpit at airplane show

Bleriot open cockpit and dummy radial engine



Close up at right of the Sig Bleriot. Note two servos, with fishing line control cables to tail surfaces, the dummy three cylinder radial engine, and unique landing gear arrangement. Design is evocative of the Chickadee.

Pilots had a rather clear view of the world in these early, open cockpit aircraft.


Demoiselle RC airplane at airplane show

Sig Demoiselle


At left is a great example of the Demoiselle electric powered model. The Sig Demoiselle is a unique kit of this remarkable aircraft. The plane handles exceptionally well, is fully maneuverable and flies at the pace of a fast walk.

Sig produces a complete kit with a very clear set of building instructions. For intermediate level builders, do give it a try.


Wright aircraft at airplane show

Electric powered Wright Flyer


One of the key advantages of electric powered RC model planes is the fact you can install radio control systems in very small, lightweight models due to the lack of vibration from the small electric motors.

Aircraft such as the Wright Brothers "Flyer" would be very difficult to power with conventional gas powered engines. Note that the tiny pusher electric motors powering this model of the Flyer are ideally suited for indoor flight.


Model airplane show display

model airplanes range from F-86 Sabre to a Spad XIII fighter



As you wander around the show you can view some truly original airplane design and construction methods. The world of electric powered flight opens up all sorts of new and innovative construction techniques, as the electric motors are lightweight and produce no vibration.


Foam airplane at E-Fest model airplane show

Bill Lowe's Ghost shows innovative lightweight foam aircraft construction



The airplane at right uses "standard" construction techniques of ribs, formers and stringers. Yet these are all made of foam material, covered in clear plastic.

The result is a model that seems to literally "float" as it makes its way around the flight line. You will see many examples of original modeling at E-Fest.


ParkZone Cessna airplanes

Cessna 210 and Citabria RTF micro flyers


There is always a great sampling of the well known ready to fly ParkZone aircraft ready to fly micro models at E-Fest. See for yourself how well these remarkable aircraft fly.

You will also see several examples of the ParkZone Ember and ParkZone aircraft Sukhoi in the flying arena. As they are on the interference free 2.4 GHz frequency band, consider showing up and flying one yourself!

Author: Gordon McKay

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