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Aero Ace Micro RC Airplane

Fly the Aero Ace foam micro model - Ready to fly fun for under $50!

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- Foam plane ready to fly right out of the box

- Impossible to break anything on this micro flyer

- Unique control arrangement through differential thrust

- Skill level: Beginner to advanced

- Flight characteristics: 9 out of 10

- Where to buy: www.amazon.com





Aero Ace is a lot of fun to fly!

Aero Ace micro RTF model airplane

Aero Ace front view


The Air Hogs Aero Ace is a remarkable model. Made of lightweight foam that is nearly indestructible, the nimble Aero Ace is powered by two tiny electric motors turning pusher propellers.

The Aero Ace is unique among just about all flying models in that there are no moving control surfaces. Instead, the twin pusher motors employ differential throttle to control heading.



Aero Ace model electric RC planes engines

Aero Ace rear view showing twin pusher props


The twin pusher propellers can be clearly seen in the rear view of the Aero Ace (left). Note the lightweight fuselage boom that holds on the vertical fin and horizontal stabilizer.

The tail surfaces on this one of a kind model have no moving control surfaces (normally a rudder and elevator) to guide the model in heading and pitch.


Aero Ace electric RC plane belly

Aero Ace bottom view

Bottom view of the Aero Ace (right) shows the on-off switch for the onboard rechargeable flight battery. The flight battery powers the two motors as well the on board electronics.

The lightweight foam materials used in this ready to fly micro plane are the key to this model's superb flight characteristics.



Aero Ace RC planes transmitter

Two channel transmitter and built in charger


The Aero Ace's transmitter and charger are combined into one unit. This is a great feature, common with many of the ready to fly micro RC planes, and it is easy to be able to recharge your Aero Ace between flights. Spring loaded throttle control is on the right, and the left-right steering control is on the right.

The charging jack wire and connector is shown at the top of the transmitter. This jack plugs into the belly of the Aero Ace. Typical charges take 10-15 minutes, and the model will fly for up to 10 minutes depending on throttle use. More throttle means more power and less flight time.



Flying the Aero Ace

The Aero Ace is easy to fly once you understand the unique method of flight control through differential thrust. The plane flies right at the edge of a stall (per its design) but maintains full control. Due to the light weight of the Aero Ace it is best flown inside, but can be flown outdoors under calm wind conditions.

The throttle (left stick on transmitter) is spring loaded to off (down). You need to consciously keep the throttle where you need it. I mention this as your thumb can get a bit tired and without realizing it you relax and reduce your throttle setting. If you do not keep the throttle in the same position and allow it to creep down, you are reducing power to the Aero Ace and you'll note the model slowly descending. Remember that if your Aero Ace is losing altitude, increase the power. Consider also to practice your RC flying skills using one of the RC flight sim computer programs

Electric RC planes on table

Aero Ace showing nose high flight attitude

Any aircraft is trimmed to maintain level flight at a given power setting. Increase the power, and you climb. Decrease the power, and you descend. This is just how you will fly the Aero Ace; use power (throttle control on the left of the transmitter) to climb, dive or maintain level flight.

The lack of moving control surfaces is very unusual, but makes the Aero Ace even more fun as you are learning a very new way to fly.



The Aero Ace turns by differential power between its two electric pusher motors. When you want to turn left, you move the right stick on the transmitter to the left. The left motor reduces power, causing the model to turn to the left. Note that this slight reduction in the left motor power will cause the Aero Ace to lose a bit of altitude. Not a problem, just keep in mind the need to slightly increase power any time you turn to maintain a level turn.

After a very short time, you'll instinctively find that you "bump" the right side transmitter control stick left or right to turn the Aero Ace. The model turns quickly and does a very good job of getting on heading. It is just plain fun to see the Aero Ace flying a few feet in front of you, in full control. When you get comfortable with this fun little RTF airplane, the next step is the ParkZone Ember, followed by the ultimate model aircraft for indoor RC flying fun, the ParkZone aircraft Sukhoi.

Author: Gordon McKay

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