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Ultra Micro 4-Site Ready to Fly RC Airplane

The E-flite 4-Site is the world's first RTF micro 3D RC aircraft!


E-flite 4-Site components

Ultra Micro 4-Site components, to include charger and perforated speed brakes

The 4-Site is something new

The rapid technical advances with ready to fly (RTF) micro planes have been nothing short of astonishing over the past few years. It is just about impossible to keep up with the rapid changes in this area of electric RC airplane modeling. These remarkable aircraft did not even exist a few years ago.

Small and practical ready to fly model airplanes started with three channel models such as the ParkZone Cessna 210. The affordable Cessna 210 flew great and was an instant hit with RC pilots everywhere.

It was only a matter of time before 3D aerobatic models got into the mix. The folks at E-flite have paved the way with their brand new offering of the Ultra Micro 4-Site. The 4-Site is a remarkable development in the world RTF airplanes.


E-flite 4-Site fits in your hand

The 4-Site fits in your hand

First look

The 4-Site comes completely ready to fly right out of the box. The only thing you will need to add is a Spektrum radio with Bind-N-Fly capability, or a JR 2.4 GHZ DSM2 transmitter. Bind to the receiver and charge the battery and you are ready to fly. As the 4-Site is a full 3D airplane ensure your transmitter has dual rates and exponential control to take advantage of these special aerobatic flight capabilities.

The 4-site comes with all radio equipment installed plus the necessary support gear. This includes a four port battery charger and two 150 mAh Li-Po batteries.

4-Site features include Spektrum’s new AR6400L receiver with an electronic speed control and servos. Two independent long-throw Spektrum AS2000L Ultra-Micro servos on the ailerons provide full control for the E-flite 4-Site 3D aerobatic experience.

E-flite 4-Site nose section

Close up of the nose section


Light weight the secret to success

The 4-Site's dimensions include a wingspan of 15.2 inches and a length of 17.5 inches. The flying weight is an incredible 36 grams, or around 1.25 ounces. The electric motor is an 8.5 mm coreless brushed motor driving a 130 mm by 70 mm propeller.

The key to any successful micro plane is light weight. To meet this goal the model must be designed from the ground up for this demanding weight criteria.

The secret behind the 4-Site's success as a 3D flyer lies in the manufacturing process. The proprietary production technique produces foam wing, fuselage and tail components that are actually stiffer and more durable than those produced with normal sheet foam.

As an added bonus, the 4-Site provides a wing with a built in airfoil shape for superior flight performance. You can see another example of the benefits of this wing and tail camber with the Piloto micro RC flyer.


E-flite 4-Site side view

Side view with carbon wing reinforcement rods

The 4-Site parts are further reinforced with carbon fiber rod and foam bracing to minimize in-flight deformation of the airplane structure. This is essential for consistent 3D flight. The lightweight, carefully engineering design of the 4-Site, combined with two separate, full throw independent aileron servos, makes for an exceptional aerobatic flyer.

4-Site and student pilots

As the 4-Site is a fully aerobatic model airplane it is not suited for the beginning RC pilot learning how to fly RC. For those just starting to learn how to fly RC, check out the ParkZone Ember for a great trainer and perhaps follow up with the ParkZone Cessna 210.

A computer RC flight simulator will make your flight instruction progress even faster. A computer sim is a superb way to practice the intricate flight maneuvers you will soon be accomplishing with your 4-Site. Be sure to use low rates for the model's first test flights.


E-flite 4-Site in a hover

4-Site can fly at a minimum airspeed, to include a hover



The E-flite 4-Site will provide the most discerning RC pilot a complete level of full and responsive 3D control. RC planes like this are a true example of the incredible changes coming to the very new world of micro RC acrobatics. The 4-Site is a well designed and built example of the latest ready to fly micro electric RC airplanes.

Even if you think you are not proficient enough for a 3D flyer, consider giving the 4-Site a try. It is a great model airplane to keep in the back of your car, ready to take to the skies at any time.

With its inherent lightness, slow flight speeds and sturdy construction, crash damage is minimal. What a great time to be in the sport of radio control flying!

Author: Gordon McKay


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